Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Release the beast of Rotterdam

Sumarty (25)
Graphic designer
Outfit? ‘Leggings from Martin Margiela, dress from Wesc, vintage boots from a store in New York, cardigan from a vintage store in Berlijn and belt also vintage.’
Style? ‘Eclectic.’
Fashion regrets? 'None.’ 


Estrella (18)
Illustrator Student
Outfit? 'Cardigan from Zipper, vintage jacket from Episode, Adidas jacket, socks from my dad and vintage boots from the market. But I like my bra the most of everything I am wearing today.'
Style? 'Daring'.
Fashion regrets? 'My trashy alto breezer period.'

Katinka (20)
Art and Art History Student
Outfit? 'Vintage dress, vintage Chanel purse and shoes from Bertier. The purse was my grandma's and it's my most precious belonging.'
Style? 'of a fashion addict.'
Fashion regrets? 'Wannabe Spicegirl outfits because my mom wouldn't buy me the real ones.'

Boudewijn (26)
Social Work Student
Outfit? 'Carhartt jeans and Red Wing boots, shirt from WE and Levi's vest.'
Style? 'Fucked up, haha.'
Fashion regrets? 'My brown/gold/orange sweat pants somewhere in the eighties.'

Bjorn (23)
International Business and Management Student
Outfit? 'Levi's jeans, Swear shoes and vest from Insight, shirt from Dr. Feelgood.'
Style? 'My own.'
Fashion regrets? 'Hookipa sweaters when I was twelve'.

Stef (23)
Architecture Student

Outfit? 'Sweater from Primark, vintage vest from Episode, H&M jeans and shoes from the market. I saw these kind of shoes on designer Marc Jacobs and one week later I found these ones on the market.'

Style? 'Preppy with eye for detail.'

Fashion regrets? 'The time when I used to hang out with Bjorn.'

Elke (23)
Sales employee at Funkie House
Outfit? 'Zara blazer, bading suit from Insight, Cheap Monday skirt, Vans shoes and purse from a store in NY.'
Style? 'Elke.'
Fashion regrets? 'When I was fifteen I had legs like sticks in my leather pants with bomberjacket.'