Wednesday, 31 March 2010


 Besides girls taking over men's closets, guys also start to wear girly garments more and more. Take skirts for example. Marc Jacobs isn't the only one wearing one since H&M started designing skirts for guys.. 

 But the skirt also offers a nice trend for the ladies which I am willing to embrace: the revival of the maxi skirt! And ofcourse the maxi dress not to forget.

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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Great outfit Olsen style

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For all the dutch ladies..

.. Sample Sale at Mada van Gaans on the first and second of April! Location: World Fashion Centre, Amsterdam, Tower 1, 13th floor. Shopse :)

Saturday, 27 March 2010


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Friday, 26 March 2010

Want this army jacket!

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Finsk wedges F/W 2010

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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Yesterday's outfit

 Jacket and pants: Zara
Cropped top: American Apparel
Shoes: Zara
Jewellery: vintage

Sjaak Hullekes and PPQ @ Boutiq 2010

As I already told you yesterday I was invited to the second edition of Boutiq. A fashion show of two designers in collabo with Wella Professionals where new collections and the inspiration behind these collections are show cased. The two designers were our own Sjaak Hullekes and the UK duo PPQ (Percy Parker and Amy Molyneaux). Host of the show: shoe designer Jan Jansen. What a man! He totally messed up his intro ('oh I lost one of my notes..' 'what's up now?' 'I think we can start the show.. or?'). But everyone loved it.

First up was the man who considers himself as his muse, Sjaak Hullekes, with his new F/W 2010 men's collection called Small Town Boy. A really dandy-like collection with nice shaped (a little too tight and too short but therefore stylish) pants and jackets. Great choice of fabrics and color scheme (pastels and terracotta mixed with greys, chocolate brown, whites). Best of it all: the bags and shoes (with blue socks). Check it out yourself.

After that PPQ hit the catwalk with their 'Fantasia'. I was not very impressed with their collection. A little bit too much (old fashioned) black velvet. Together with the gold not a winning combination in my eyes. The overall was a little bit too theatrical. I did love a few of the coats and ofcourse the shoes which were pieces of art on their own. And I must say that the clothes were very well made and beautiful techniques were used.

The ambiance was great, stylish location and a nice mix of people (celebrities, fashion people, journalists) and I got to meet some fellow bloggers like Le-Roi from CommeDesLeroi and Andy from Style Scrapbook. Make sure you check out their blogs too!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tweeting my thumbs off tonight

Guys, I'm going to the Boutique Fashion Show tonight in Amsterdam. Follow me on Twitter, I will post directly what's happening!

Clarks 2.0

Some guys hate the fact that women nowadays often wear guy's shoes. They can live with the boyfriend pants, but they don't want us to take over their whole closet. Especially because they looove seeing women on sexy high heels all the time. But as much as I love to wear killer heels, I also love a 'man day' every now and then. 

My favourite guys shoes for girls are Desert Boots from the English brand Clarks. Just like other old-man-items like geek glasses, chino's and grandpa knits, they are celebrating a revival right now. 

I have been looking for Desert Boots Sand in my eeniemeenie shoe size without any result for a year now. But! I finally found them! Will post pictures soon. For now enjoy these pics of other fashionista's with manly shoe fashion. What do you think? Too boyish or pretty cool? Oh and what about these pics of Clarks' F/W 10 collection? Nice huh?

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