Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Cobra Snake Couture

I have been so busy that I didn't even had the time to post the pics I made from the Amsterdam International Fashion Week show of Mada van Gaans. Time flies when you are havin' fun. And fun it was, this past week full of fashion. Mada van Gaans' new collection had a great colour scheme. From nude colours to mustard, to terracotta, to red and then followed by a few very nice black outfits. Very much my taste and also very 2010. She was inspired by a Greek snake godess (huh?) which showed through the cobra snake-skin-like dress and blouse. Oh and not to forget: the great curling snake hair accessory. All the way from the knot in the model's hair down to her neck. Very original. The fabrics were shiny, but subtle and comfortable. I think this collection was one of the most wearable ones in Mada's career. And what a great coat at the end with the wide fit and big belt! The model looked very strong in it.

Great show! The only loss: shoes that were too big. The models struggled their way up and down the runway. The second girl coming up almost fell down and carried on with one shoe hanging on only one toe. I felt really sorry for her when people started laughing and pointing.. aahw. I don't get the point anyway why designers don't mind the shoesizes of the models. It totally takes away the attention your creation is supposed to be getting when the girl wearing it makes a fool out of herself on stage...  

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Liset said...

Mooie collectie! En gefeliciteerd met het winnen van de styletoday contest :)

Mo said...