Friday, 12 February 2010

Sneak peek at H&M's spring pride

A few days ago H&M invited me to go and check out the Sonia Rykiel collection in the showroom in Amsterdam. I always like to have a sneak peek at the good stuff before everyone else does (launch will be on February 20th), so ofcourse I went. What's very cool about the collection is that it actually IS all knitwear. Great quality and very colorfull. Here are my favourites:

Cute little shorts € 19,95, singlet top with stripes and bow € 19,95, 'lookalike furry' black vest € 49,95, pink top with rose € 29,95, a-symmetric black dress with rose € 39,95.

I am definately a fan of Sonia. However, her collection for the collabo with H&M isn't completely my thing, which made my eyes wander off to the Garden Collection that will hit the stores at the end of March. What a fantastic spring line! Very romantic with lots of flowers and bright colours, but also nudes. And the best part is that it's all made out of environmentally adapted materials like recycled polyester and organic cotton. There will even be a pair of environment friendly shoes! Usually this causes higher prices, but that's not the case with the Garden Collection. I want to have it all, but finally chose these ones as my favourites:

Blue shorts € 24,95, white top € 19,95, black dress with flowers € 24,95, mink jacket € 39,95 (I really love this one, it felt so soft!).

A few other nice items I spotted in the showroom:

Corset € 19,95, skirt with birds € 14,95, dress € 19,95.